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Coaching for children

At Practice Fos, your child will work with me to address the issue. We'll embark on a journey to discover the child's unique qualities and skills.

Coaching Based on Your Child's Essence

You're concerned because your child is struggling with something. It could be an inner feeling or a challenge from their environment. You're not sure how to further assist your child. You may recognize one of the following signs:



  • You have a lot of conflicts with your child.

  • Your child experiences performance anxiety or sleep problems.

  • Your child struggles to advocate for themselves or is highly sensitive.

  • Your child frequently complains of stomachaches without a medical cause.

  • Your child has difficulty making or maintaining friendships.

  • Your child is struggling due to a loss in the family.

  • Your child has difficulty making and/or keeping friends.



            For these and other issues, you can turn to me. At Practice Fos, your child will work with me to address the issue. We'll embark on a journey to discover the child's unique qualities and skills. So that your child can regain energy and face the future with hope and confidence.

Practice Fos provides coaching by seeking out what your child needs. I do this through listening, adapting, playing, and providing what this child requires to explore their own qualities. I work from what your child expresses. What does it say, what does it show in its play? What does the body communicate? Together, we investigate the origins of these symptoms. Simply becoming aware of feelings and thoughts can bring a great sense of relief, both for the child and the parents.

Guidance in Your Child's Development

Together, we'll search for solutions that are achievable and desirable for this child. What's bothersome about the current situation? Where does your child want to go? What motivates them to achieve the desired situation? We set achievable goals. Then, we create a unique plan tailored precisely to this individual. The interaction between different family members can also play a crucial role.

For Parents and Child

            The coaching is focused on what's necessary. I aim for a personalized approach. Therefore, the coaching may involve appointments:


  • with the child in the practice space

  • with the child at school or another location where the issue arises

  • with the child and one or two parents

  • with the child and a sibling

  • with the parent(s)

  • A combination of the above



            Personal Development


            Your child is entitled to undergo a wholly unique development. As the child discovers how they function internally, they'll feel solid ground beneath their feet again, leading to enthusiasm and energy! I wish this for everyone, including your child!



            Do you also want your child to have the opportunity to find themselves, allowing them to approach life with enthusiasm once more? Get in touch with me.

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