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Wondering what people, including children, experience with an integrative coach? Some individuals have shared their experiences with me, and I'd like to share them with you. Read more about experiences with coaching and therapy by Annet van Tinteren.

"We are so incredibly happy to have met you. You make things much easier for all of us, making our family life more enjoyable and relaxed. I also really appreciate that you reached out to the pediatrician, which allows us to continue working together. The books you provided are very helpful. Your compliments do wonders. It's great to learn from you; we have a lot of trust in you, partly due to your expertise. And so we could go on. We're not there yet, but we've come a long way, and I still see them growing every time. Thank you."



"I definitely notice that a change has occurred. He has become calmer, and he protects himself better. He clearly indicates when he doesn't want something or when someone has gone too far. Of course, he still loses his patience now and then, and he cries and shouts, but I think that also has to do with his age :-) But he has definitely made a huge leap! And it's also become calmer for us, especially for me. I'm very happy with how things are going now :-)"



"Annet is the coach who set my process in motion to find more balance in my life. She has a lot of knowledge and is empathetic. I feel comfortable, heard, and seen with her. Annet also gave tips for my work; she also teaches, and she knows how things go there, which I found very pleasant. Through the conversations and the videos, I have found the balance and now look at things differently."



"I am so glad I have you, I sometimes have some problems, but with you, I can solve those problems. Thanks to you, I have become much stronger, thank you."



"Annet is a very pleasant and interested coach. She quickly grasps where any bottlenecks may lie and was able to help me clarify these for myself. Annet has a clear view of things and has the ability to empathize with those she guides and to align with their needs. I have gained clarity on some important points for myself, allowing me to do my job more comfortably and confidently."

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