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I believe that every person, at certain times, finds themselves in 'turbulent waters,' where both the beacon and the mainland have been lost sight of. This can bring about anxious, confusing, and other negative feelings that further cloud vision and diminish resolve.

On the way to peace and confidence

Through introspection, awareness, overview, and calm, balance and self-confidence can arise. New qualities and possibilities come to development. With renewed self-awareness, life's path can be continued with certainty, hope, and trust.


            These periods of unrest and uncertainty towards calm and trust can lead to personal growth. In our Western culture, it's not always common to talk about feelings. Especially not when it comes to unpleasant feelings for which you don't yet have a ready-made solution.


            I consider it an honor to look on and be a part of the process of finding one's own beacon and point of calm in these turbulent times.

Integrative Coaching

I work from the integrative perspective on coaching and therapy. I've familiarized myself with various approaches and methods to address problems. I see my profession as one where I'm never fully learned and continuously educate myself with new insights, methods, and techniques.


            Ultimately, how the coaching will progress is tailor-made because I always consider what aligns with the person in front of me.


            The foundation of integrative coaching is: every child, every adolescent, and every adult knows what's necessary and, by connecting with themselves, can achieve what they desire.


            However, sometimes this isn't very visible to the person themselves or their immediate surroundings. Through the guidance I offer at Practice Fos, you'll discover what's needed to find out and continue independently. So that you can move forward in your own way with your wishes and dreams and feel confident in your daily life.


            In my practice, I work in a way that's helpful for you as a unique individual: through conversations, therapeutic play, visualizations, psycho-education, metaphors, and creative activities.

This is what we'll work on while coaching

Integrative coaching is demand-driven, the complaint leads, and process-oriented. Integrative coaching, counseling, mediation, and therapy are focused on:


  • promoting independence

  • promoting self-confidence

  • becoming aware of old patterns

  • learning new skills

  • becoming aware of choices

  • gaining control/regulation

  • seeking and using internal resources

  • individuality of the individual

  • self-healing ability


Feelings and emotions that haven't been heard and felt for too long can be quite obstructive and demand a lot of attention. These feelings need recognition so that space and relaxation can arise to discover what these feelings actually want to say. With more clarity and understanding of what's happening inside, healing can occur.


When you learn to listen to yourself, you'll start to notice. Then there's room for healing.

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